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Strong is the new skinny

Strength training is life training and life changing. We all need to be able to bend to picks things up, squat down, carry load and move free of pain.

Most of our clients are mothers. Being a mother is one of the most physically demanding roles you can play, and often this role is played on inadequate sleep, high stress, and inadequate fuelling. That is where Strong Girls Club comes to the party.

We help you to move better and feel better. We can help educate you and help you explore what best works for you regarding lowering stress levels, building resilience, fuelling your body with the nutrients she needs for better more sustained energy levels and optimal health.

These highly effective strategies work for ALL WOMEN as our coaches take an individual approach to help clients explore what works best for them.

Ladies Only Gym

Strength training for life

The values Strong Girls Club was founded on in 2016 (and that have made us so successful) are:

  1. Progress over perfection
  2. Supporting and uplifting others
  3. Staying in your own lane and focusing on you
  4. Practicing patience and preservice
  5. Taking consistent action
  6. Taking ownership of your actions and results
Ladies Only Gym

Start where you are, with what you have, hands trembling – just. Start.

Starting in a new gym can be daunting.

Meeting new people can be scary.

Doing something you have never done before feels uncomfortable.

Strong Girls Coaches understand this. Heck, we have been there to! 

These are all normal emotions to feel. 

We are passionate about helping women find their strength. Often our clients have never trained before because entering a gym was simply too daunting. We get you!

That is why we encourage you to reach out for a phone call or come in for a free face to face consultation. 

We believe happier and healthier women raise happier and healthier children, have happier and healthier relationships and everyone in the community benefits! 

This is our impact on supporting our local community.

Meet your coaches

Our coaching staff have a wealth of:

They specialise in providing a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment for you to truly flourish (inside and outside of the gym). They can’t wait to meet you!



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Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist

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