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Madailein Donnelly

I completed my teacher training and started my business Soul Studio after I found my passion for mind and body rehabilitation following a complicated IVF cycle. I have a dance scholarship background and also a past career in Hairdressing, both in which caused a lot of injury and poor body health. After my first Pilates class, I knew it was my calling as the growth I found in myself was to good not to share with others. Soul Studio is about empowerment and a real view of what a Pilates body is and can be, inside and out! I’m so excited to share this as the perfect compliment to strength training with Strong Girls Club.

My favourite benefits of pilates is that it is whole body focused, and I mean whole body. From breath technique, mind body connection, to stabilizing spine and and all the biomechanicals of the body, it is also proven to help internal rehab and strength such as pelvic floor issues with incontinence, injury rehabilitation and correcting postural alignment. All while creating muscle gains and smashing fitness goals.

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Madailein Donnelly

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