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Hey, Hi, Hello!

I’m Michele, but you can call me Chele, like the ‘sea shell’, which is fitting because I’m obsessed with the beach. I was actually supposed to be called Michaela, but they got my birth certificate wrong, so here we are. 

I grew up as a very active child, I competed in Badminton (most random sport ever, thanks mum) for 20 odd years, and towards the end at a national level. Then I had my two beautiful children, and my life was no longer just mine. As I mum, I understand what it is like to lose yourself in your love for your children. I understand the sacrifice it takes to raise children, and I absolutely understand putting yourself last.

As many women do, I tried to lose the extra weight I had gained through avenues we as women have been programmed to believe works. Lemon detox diets, endless amounts of cardio, carb restriction, I’ve done it all. After a few years feeling lost, and not great in my own body, I took a deep dive into the strength training world, and honestly, my world turned upside down in all the best ways possible. I’ve lost 30kgs, I’ve built muscle, I’ve gained confidence, I’ve improved my mental health, and  I’ve become incredibly strong mentally and physically. The best part is, I did this whilst never having to sacrifice socialising, foods I enjoyed, or time with my family to get there.

My passion is empowerment through health, whether that be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it is all connected. When you are functioning optimally in these areas you are better able to live a life on your terms.

I hold a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education, I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Psychology and Criminology, and I am currently finishing off my fitness certificates. I am an observer, and a thinker. I bring not only a wealth of fitness knowledge, but the ability to use psychology to promote behavioural change to reach your goals. I want you to find your power, I want to help you find a strength within yourself you didn’t know existed. I want you live your life, not merely survive your life. I know you have more within you, and I want to help you find it.

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Michele Howell

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