Strong Girls Club

Monique Moore


I am your booty building lover, always up for a giggle/but will make you sweat coach. You will always find me either talking about food, cooking, or eating. My puppies are my fur babies and you must be prepared for puppy photos at all times.

My passion is to help women feel strong, confident, and become their healthiest version of themselves through the power of nutrition and movement.

I believe nutrition and movement empowers us to become stronger and healthier physically but mentally as well. I am passionate about female health (PCOS), nutrition and female strength training. YEAH THE GIRLS!!

I am currently Studying my Bachelor of Food and Nutrition and have recently completed my Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness. My aim is to become a wealth of knowledge and be able to educate as many females as possible and to help them achieve their goals. Because nutrition and movement has played such a massive role in shaping me into the happy human I am today.

The goals for my session to always make sure our ladies are pushing themselves in the safest way to become stronger, have informative conversations to provide as much education as possible – oh and to obviously have a giggle.

Monique specialises in:

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