Strong Girls Club

Sarah Conlan


Sarah founded Strong Girls Club (which was an outdoor bootcamp) in 2016 after moving back to Perth from Townsville.
She started her business as a side hustle (before and after full time work). Strength training played a massive role in helping Sarah feel strong, confident, and comfortable in her mind and body and she wanted to empower other women to feel this way too.

Since then, the bootcamp has evolved into a small group personal training business and Sarah has been able to work full time in her own business since 2018!

Sarah has endometriosis, an inflammatory condition which often leaves her in pain with irregular periods. She has found that she was able to increase her energy levels, decrease how unwell she becomes and her pain levels via strength training and diet.

She has thus been incredibly passionate about female health for the entirety of her career. 

With the increase in women suffering from conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis she believes there is a massive market to help women decrease their pain, get to know and understand their own bodies intimately and what works for them. That is why Strong Girls Club takes such a personalised approach to your health and fitness. 

Sarah now competes competitively in powerlifting and loves helping women discover their strength.

Sarah specialises in:

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