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Does losing weight equal happiness?

Have you ever thought “If only I lost 5 kilos, I would be happier”? I know I have and I can bet you probably have too.

I want to put a different spin on the old being skinnier / slimmer/ losing weight = happiness. Let’s challenge our thinking for a few minutes.

When I was a size 6 and weighed 57kg (I’m now happily sitting at 70kg a size 8-10 and loving it) I was the unhappiest I had ever been. I was constantly stressed that I would put weight on. For twelve whole months I slept, worked and exercised. I ate out maybe 6 times that year and had zero chocolate or processed food. You heard me. I’m not even exaggerating. I didn’t see friends and stayed at home stressing about my weight. It was hell to say the least and I was not happy. 

Weight loss does not equal happiness. The happiness comes from a) the journey b) taking care of yourself and demonstrating self love and self respect. The greatest form of self love you can demonstrate is self discipline. I define self discipline as holding off on instant gratification (such as eating the cake in the office) so that you can do what serves you best in the long run (not eating the cake because you know you will beat yourself up about it and you don’t want your jeans to be tighter). 

Tony Robbins defines happiness as creating close social connections and making progress in your life. You feel good when you achieve something, or when your hard work pays off, right? 

It’s not the weight you lose that brings you happiness. It’s the doing, the taking action, the facing obstacles and overcoming them. 

It’s accomplishing, achieving and doing the hard work. Because frankly, anything worth having is worth working for. 

It is saying that you will do x amount of fitness sessions a week and consistently sticking to the promise you made yourself

Happiness is being ok with who you are and where you are at and slowly working on yourself for yourself.

Happiness is staying true to the promise you make to yourself (for example – I will stop eating chocolate every day and have it 3 times a week instead and staying true to your word).

When you overcome an obstacle that is uncomfortable and hard – you have an immense sense of achievement and can be proud of yourself. This is what brings you true happiness. This also creates confidence that you can accomplish what you put your mind to. 

Weight loss and the way you look are merely a by product of the choices you make for yourself.

Did you know that in a recent survey of 17 year olds living in New York, 78% of them said they were unhappy with their body. That is a huge number and in such young girls. That begs the question – are you happy in your own skin? What simple steps can you take to make you feel proud of yourself?

Have a listen to Supermodel, Cameron Russell speak about “Why looks aren’t everything” in her TED talk here

Sarah Conlan

Health & Fitness Coach #ROMFIT