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Frequently Asked Questions

Get a rundown of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? We love to help, give us a call!

A movement assessment is an opportunity for the Strong Girls coaches to meet you, welcome you into our space and to see how your body moves. This is not a workout where we thrash you. We look at your strengths and weaknesses. This is incredibly important as you can be assured your safety is our number one priority.

The movement assessment gives our coaches a greater understanding of where you are at and what service might be best to start with.

These sessions go for 45-60 minutes. Please wear active wear and bring a towel and water along with you.

This is a free session!

Please wear active wear and joggers to your sessions. You will also need a towel and water. You will be greeted warmly by our coaches. You can expect to be introduced to all clients in the room as we foster a fun and friendly environment (whether you are a 1 on 1 PT or small group PT).

Your first session is always a “get to know you” session. You won’t be pushed beyond your limits, so although it may be daunting, you can be assured WE GOT YOUR BACK.

Your coach will always explain why we are doing a movement and how to correctly perform the movement. We focus on form above everything else.

We cater for all levels of fitness, which means complete beginners to advanced lifters. Our free movement assessment means we will get a feel for your capabilities. We never throw our clients in the deep end! You will only ever be asked to do something you are capable of.

Are you a complete beginner? No stress! Our coaches are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to educating you on how and why we are doing our movements and exercises. We promise that you will always feel welcome and cared for. You are our number one priority and so is your safety.

Yes we can help with your diet. Sarah is a qualified Precision Nutrition level 1 coach and Mon is our soon to be nutrition specialist!

We provide all clients with basic nutritional guidance that gets them fantastic results and cuts through the confusion.

Strength training or resistance training is the modality used to increase our muscle mass and bone density by using a weight to resist. We use dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bands and body weight to challenge the body to change and become stronger and more efficient in its movement. Strength training when done in a safe environment and executed with proper form and technique is the safest sport and form of training. It’s much safer than running or team sports as it is performed in a controlled environment.

Here at Strong Girls Club our coaches will always focus on form first. We have rehabilitated so many clients and work closely with a number of local physiotherapists.  Form is QUEEN and your safety is our number one priority. After all, its in your best interest and our best interest for you to stay strong and injury free. We got you!

Strength training is the number one way to rehabilitate injuries, strengthen your body so that you can live an easier life and will help to build shape. 

Strength training has so many benefits for women. 

Women begin to lose muscle density from 30 years old. Between the age of 30-80 years old, lean muscle mass decreases by 3%/ decade. Strength declines 30% between 50-70 years. Being strong for living is vital. It will help you live longer and you will have better quality of life. Not to mention, you will look better! 

If your goal is to shape a booty, tighten your waist, move without pain, prolong your quality of life then strength training is for you. 

Girl you are not alone! This is why we created a safe, friendly, welcoming space for women to explore their strength and flourish. Entering a gym can feel daunting and working out in front of other people often is a limiting factor for many women in starting there fitness journey. Many of our clients had never walked into a gym before but wanted to feel strong and become healthier. We promise that we have created an incredible, friendly environment. We get it! We get you. No stress if you do feel anxious because we will guide you the whole way in our semi private facility. No prying eyes like in a local gym.

There is a creche yes! You can book via this link make sure you select the bibra lake facility! 

We are located in a semi private room (away from the public gym) in the ROAR Bibra Lake facility at 23 Port Kembla dr. They have a cafe, place for the kids to play, a pool, a creche, toilets and showers. We are incredibly lucky to have the incredible space we do.

We have a flexible timetable as we understand that life gets busy and messy sometimes! We do not sell casual STRONG sessions as you have to be on a membership. If you would like to book a free consultation please click here You can purchase a casual pilates session via our booking system

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