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Online Coaching

Join our Strong Girl gang from anywhere with Online Coaching!

Get results with our expert strength coaches. Supporting you from the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or anywhere you choose.

Ready to feel confident in what you’re doing?

Be a badass in the gym with the help from our incredible coaching staff who are ready to cheer you on every step of the way!

Our Online Coaching packages give you the tools and knowledge you need.
From understanding technical breakdown to finding the conviction and confidence you’ve longed for in your movement.

No more second guessing yourself in the gym or wondering if you are lifting correctly – we got you girl!

Plus, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot your lifts with the guidance of your dedicated Online Coach. Unlike “standard” online services, you don’t get tossed a generic program, asked to send through videos and get unhelpful, cookie-cutter replies back.

Strong Girls Club is different.
At SGC we care about your progress and we take the time to get to know you.

Our unique style is what helps our ladies thrive.
We make connection and community two of our top priorities.

How does our Online Coaching program work?

You’ll get access to an extensive resource database plus a combination of video playback and audio messaging (we know hearing our voice beats a text any day!).
We work with each of our online ladies to ensure they are slamming sets as hard as we do here in Perth, Australia.

Our Online Strength coaching package is for every woman who wants to explore strength training further. Whether you’re just starting your strength journey or looking to hit the platform this year, this fully customisable service has you covered.

Location is no barrier.
Our online coaches are ready and keen to help you, anywhere, anytime.

We don’t just know our stuff. We live, breathe and sweat it.
Because of our strength and fitness expertise, we know how to best support you while keeping you accountable.

No matter which program you choose, you’ll gain:

  • Instruction and knowledge from the combined expertise of our knowledgeable coaches
  • Shared highlights of our member’s progress (we celebrate every gals wins!)
  • Access to our exclusive SGC Online Membership with a tonne of resources and weekly e learning modules to help you take control of your health and fitness
  • A kickass community who’s got your back no matter how tough it gets

Specific action = Specific results

Our program is highly customised to suit your goals, body type and lifestyle. They run in 6 week blocks with an initial term of three months. Because we know it takes time to establish new, healthier habits and ditch the old ones.

You gain maximum value, no matter where you are!

Personal Trainer Online Coach

Online Strength Coaching Inclusions


  • A personalised program designed to suit your goals, body and lifestyle. Updated every 4-6 weeks to keep you tracking towards your target.
  • Personalised macro tracking and data tracking for enhanced health and fat loss
  • Weekly video feedback provided by your coach. (We make sure it’s easy to understand and follow.)
  • Access to our VIP Online Membership site. Created for women who lift, this is our comprehensive online platform. Includes an exercise library, mindset work and how to work through common challenges in lifting.
  • Weekly dedicated online-learning modules are available to all our online gals. They’re your to learn further about mindset, nutrition, movement and habit change

Online Coaching is $45 / week
12 week blocks as this gets our ladies the best results

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