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Tips to goal set like a champion

Set yourself up for success to build confidence and momentum with these 3 simple strategies

New year, new you, right? Wrong. You are HUMAN. You have behavioral patterns which have been ingrained within you since childhood and often it is these patterns of behavior which are holding you back.

The first step is AWARENESS. What is holding you back?

The second step is to make ONE SMALL CHANGE until this change is permanent then to move on to the next SMALL CHANGE. A good example I give my clients is to ask them what would happen if I gave them six balls to juggle? Often you won’t catch any balls. But what if I were to give you one ball to practice with and then introduced another ball once you were a master at juggling 1 ball? You are likely to get really good at juggling one so that when we introduce another ball you don’t lose the plot. It is simple, yet people are impatient and it is this impatience (the all or nothing mentality) that costs them what they want.


I recorded a great 4 min video on how I like to set my goals. I set goals monthly, weekly and daily. Why? Because if you don’t know the road you are going to take to your destination, then you are a hell of a lot less likely to reach that destination, right? It’s like guessing the way to Sydney and hoping you will get there (and I don’t know about you but my direction sense is RUBBISH).

Watch the video here

The video in short talks about 3 steps:

Step #1 – SMART goals

Step #2 – Get REAL with yourself

It is all well and good to say I am going to lose 10kg in however long, but if you are not willing to make sacrifices, put in the hard work and get uncomfortable then maybe a more realistic goal would be to make an effort to make small changes to diet, to move more by doing x and to lose 5kg. Getting REAL with yourself allows you to work around your negotiables and non negotiables. If you are just not going to give up your 1 glass of red per night then don’t try! Just work around it by eating more veggies during the day and less processed foods.

Step #3 – Goals/ Strategy/ Consequence
What is your goal?
What is the strategy to support this goal?
What is the consequence of this goal?

My goal is to drink 3L of water per day
I will keep a water bottle at my desk and in my car so that I always have water available
The consequence is that I may need to pee more throughout the day. Do I have a job that allows me to get up and go to the bathroom more regularly or would I need to amend my strategy to drink that amount outside of work hours?

You can watch and listen to the video here 

Happy goal setting goal getters! Just remember, you must take consistent action to make change happen – DO THE WORK.

Sarah Conlan

Health & Fitness Coach #ROMFIT